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Our production process

Engaging story and design is what helps you to boost your business. Tell us about you, your product and brand and we will create an outstanding animation that catches hearts of you target group.

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Kick off

It all starts with a meeting (either in person or via video conference) where you will meet the person responsible for your project who will be in direct contact with you to make sure that the whole production runs smoothly.

The meeting will not only help us understand your problem and vision of the video; it will also enable us to get to know your product and brand so that we will gain an insight of what exactly you need.


Script & Scenario

The story and the killer script are cornerstones of all good videos. We’ll need as much information as possible – what’s most important to you, who your customers are, how you want to use your video, and what your goals are.

Thanks to these pieces of information, we will be able to create a basic structure of the animation and prepare the dubbing. We’ll draft the first scenario proposal along with a description of each scene and the animation.


Choose your style

The scenario is done and we’re good to go – as a next step, we will choose a design that describes you best and perfectly fits the scenario.

In this step, we’ll send you several graphic style suggestions for the video. We will fine-tune the details together to make the chosen graphic style fully compatible with your corporate identity.


Animatic & Storyboard

Do you wonder what Animatic is? It is an outline of individual scenes in the scenario which is, together with the dubbing text, processed into a preview video to give you the best idea of the animation progress and its overall length. This will help you to imagine what outcome you may expect.

The most important task at this stage is to fine-tune as many details as possible. Once the Animatic has been approved, we will get right to final illustrations of all scenes and will prepare Storyboard where you will be able to see the final visual of the whole video.



We’re all set and can start with the animation. It is much more difficult to make changes at this point, which is why it is important to make sure that you are satisfied with all the previous steps. Don’t worry, we always make sure you’re happy with the outcome of each step before we move onto the next one.

At the beginning of the production, we choose the most suitable voice for the video and let a professional team handle the dubbing. Once the dubbing has been approved, we will bring the Storyboard to life. When the animation is finished, we’ll send you the video with a number of music samples so that you can choose which one you like best.



Hooray! The video is done and there’s only one last step – sound-design. We’ll add special sound effects to the video in order to highlight particular elements of the animation and underline the amazing atmosphere.

We’re slowly coming towards the end. Upon the approval of the video and the sound effects, we’ll prepare the final version and send it to you for immediate use.

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