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10 video marketing trends for 2022

By 21. January 2022January 24th, 2022No Comments

New year, new opportunities, new trends! Do you know what trends await us for video marketing in 2022, and therefore which ones should not miss our attention? Let’s take a look together at the most important ones.

Videos without sound & Videos with subtitles

Did you know that up to 92% of users watch videos on social media with the sound off? Therefore, focus on making sure your video content works perfectly even without sound. Place your bets on emotion and a clear story that the viewer will understand right away. Try to incorporate a problem or, conversely, an ideal condition that is associated with your product/service into the story.

Motion graphic videos are an additional option as well. Try to work with interesting typographic animations, which are great without sound.

But if you want to make sure that your viewers don’t miss anything and get the full message, then subtitles are the ideal choice for you. You can even have these in different languages tailored to specific audiences.

Stories on social networks

Stories on Facebook and Instagram are a great tool for building a personal brand and improving relationships with your audience. Through videos in stories, you can communicate more informally, which will get you the attention and show you in a slightly different light. There are several ways to communicate and interact – you can showcase your products/services, give behind-the-scenes footage, do polls, ask questions and answer, …

Read more about success of stories here.

Search optimization of videos

As the popularity of videos continues to grow, giants like Google have adapted. It favours those sites that offer quality video content and optimise it. This means that the search algorithm sees these videos, considers them relevant and consistent. Therefore, watch out not only for the quality of the content but also for the technical parameters of the videos. Tags, keywords or unique descriptions and thumbnails (thumbnail images that we see before playing) are important.

Live-stream videos & interaction with the audience

The fact is that we spend 3x more time on Facebook watching live broadcasts than recorded videos. The popularity of live streaming has soared with the global pandemic of 2021. We’ve seen how the arts, education, etc. moved to the screens. We started watching even more videos, and interaction became essential. Predictions also say that by 2022, consumers will spend around 100 minutes a day watching videos. And so, by incorporating live broadcasts within your communications, you can increase your credibility and become even more of a personal brand. Not only are you demonstrating your ability and expertise, but you’re also increasing audience interaction through Q&A.

Super short videos

Do you want users to watch your entire (ad) video? So make it super short and engaging! Think about what the most important information you want to say is and how you want to say it.

Instagram is currently rockin’ with Reels videos – they’re short (15-30 sec.), fun, creative and attention-grabbing. Instagram even promotes them by showing them to consumers who don’t follow your account, increasing your reach and brand awareness. An important part of this is the music you choose, which gives Reels videos just the right dynamic.

Vertical videos

The vertical orientation of videos relates to social networks. The reason is obvious – consumers most often browse social networks on their phones, which they hold vertically. Thus, if you want to use videos as a communication tool within social networks, then definitely in this format.


Image source: Creatopy

HOW TO videos

Wondering how else you can increase your brand credibility? Focus on How To videos or short training videos. Through such videos, you’ll provide users with enough information to make their choice easier and solve their problems. Show them how your product or service works through various reviews, tutorials or comparisons.

Nowadays, such videos have become a MUST-HAVE for almost every SaaS company. They have several effects and benefits:

  • the consumer sees that there is a community around the brand,
  • if they come across a problem, they’re more likely to find a solution,
  • they simplify and shorten the whole learning process.

Of course, the range of topics is really broad, so you can tailor the content and format of the videos to your business.

Interactive videos

Let the viewer decide how the video turns out! Although interactive videos have been around for a while, they haven’t quite broken through in the e-commerce world yet, and it’s only a matter of time before you need one too.

What can such videos look like? For example, as your video chatbot, through which the user chooses the options that most closely match their questions. Make the video your virtual salesperson, set it to answer the most common questions and guide the customer to the goal that will suit them and you best.

You can also use virtual reality elements such as 360° video, where the viewer controls the camera angle, or embed various games in the video. Remember that for the interaction to be meaningful, it needs to be engaging and emotional for the viewer and should be related to the content in the video.

The streaming portal Netflix was the first to take a similar route, offering several interactive movies. The viewers themselves decide how their story unfolds.

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