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7 tips for writing the best scenario

By 6. October 2020No Comments

Writing a high quality script and text for dubbing is not an easy task at all and even experienced marketers have to put a lot of thought into it. Nevertheless, this part of the production is one of the most important. Creative video design is the cornerstone of the entire production. In the following article, we have summarized 7 tricks to show you step by step how to write the best scenario.

Define the video goals

First of all, it is important to determine what achievement you would like to reach when producing a video. Should the video be used to sell the product? Should it inform current customers about the news? Or should it present an innovative solution at a tech conference? The entire information flow in the video depends on the set goals.

Information distribution

Important information has to be introduced in a promotional video at the very beginning. You have to spout the information at the viewer in the first seconds of the video; after a longer period of time, you may lose their interest.

If you want to reach your regular customers, you need to approach them in the right way. You have already known each other so you know how to impress them. Use this knowledge and get their attention! Then share the most important information with them.

Don’t try to cover everything in the video. Mention only the most important things. You will arouse their interest and then provide them with the information where they can learn more about the product or service.

Is the video intended for a conference or a presentation? It is highly probable that you already have the attention of the audience. So play with the scaling of the story. Introduce your solution to them and slowly reveal other components. However, it will be more than convenient to save the best for last. That will make viewers remember your video better.

Who is your target group?

The right choice of words in the video, the so-called wording depends on your target group. In general, it’s always better to choose the option of a voiceover in a video. The effect of the video and its informational value will be significantly higher. Of course, it will be valid only with correctly chosen wording that will correspond to your target group.

You will use a different choice of words for B2B customers, conservative customers, youths, or experts in the field. The choice of words also largely depends on your current communication strategy. Do you use cool words, headings, labels or statuses…? Proceed in the same way in your scenario!

The importance of a story

People love stories! Within video production, plenty of models can be used to create a story. One of the basic stories is that at the beginning you present a problem and its cause. You will then present your product or service as an ideal solution to this problem. Finally, you focus on gradually introducing the key parts of your project that help solve this problem.

Involve a customer in the story! The customer in the video should always be the person who needs help. You want your customers to identify themselves with these problems and get the feeling that our product is the only solution to their situation.

Make customers smile

Emotions are simply what you need! Customers will remember the content of your video much better if you combine it with a positive feeling. One of the typical features of explainer videos is their humour. Even with more complex topics, the video that is filled with humorous moments lightens the situation and the customer has a smile on his face after watching.

Likewise, negative emotions used in videos are very effective, often even more than positive ones. In 99% of cases, however, you should avoid them. This procedure is only chosen in videos with clearly defined topics.

Get inspiration worldwide!

Start your imagination with various inspirations from the world of animation and video marketing. You will find a visual and animation style that you simply like. This will give the production studio a much clearer idea of what exactly you need and what your expectations are.

Suitable inspirations can be found on portals such as Behance, Pinterest, Youtube or Vimeo. All you have to do is choose the right keywords.

Pro tip for you: Click on the following link and find a list of great animated videos from around the world from the best production studios that will definitely help you create your script.


Answer these questions

Input information is the key to creating a good scenario. We have prepared for you a few questions which we also ask our clients. They are essential in order to get the necessary information to create the first concept.

The answers to these questions will give you a good basis for starting your creative thinking:

– What is the purpose of your video?

– Who are your customers?

– Where will the video be published?

– What is the main issue your product or service is addressing?

– What are your customers looking for?

– What is the main information you would like to mention in the video?

– What makes you different from the competition? What are your main pros?

– What are the most important ideas, values and pieces of information that must be 100% heard in the video?

– Do you present a process, procedure or functions that follow each other? The video sequence should copy them.

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