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TOP 9 Promo Ads in 2022

By 26. May 2022No Comments

Videos, videos in every nook and cranny. And because we are fond of them and enjoy to be inspired by the best, we have prepared another list for you. This time we drew out attention to promo videos. So, take a look at the eye-catching commercials and find a little inspiration in them.


The great thing about the creative is that it knows no bounds so you can unleash your imagination. Even a technical startup such as Awax can go for an animated video that is witty and at the same time aptly promotes their services. In their video commercial, they used as the main character a gorilla – Kong, which protects all Android users, as they say, from annoying unsolicited advertisements.


M&M Personal

You usually only have a few seconds to watch a promo video. Dynamics and an engaging idea are therefore pivotal. In cooperation with M&M Personal, we managed to create this short promo animation in the studio. It is attractive not only for its graphic style inspired by the well-known series, but also for its chosen tone-of-voice. Video is intended for all dream job-seekers.



Commercial that is designed like a video game must simply be good. EE decided to work with a well-known gamer, transforming her character into a game and building the whole spot on it. They brilliantly presented their service, which is a 5G network. Thanks to it, every video game, even in the highest resolution, will be super-fast and every player can pursue their passion without any limits.


Accedo One

Not every promotional video is 5 or 30 seconds long … every so often you need more time to introduce your product. Our portfolio includes, for example, this promo video for Accedo One we are honestly proud of. The viewer quickly understands the point of this SaaS platform and at the same time we also demonstrate how user-friendly it is.



Another promotional video that perfectly shows how the product works is this one from Bluehost. Do you know that people remember something better when they see a real example of use rather than when they only hear about it? So this video is pure proof of that. It guides the viewers through all the key functions of the platform and introduces them to the user environment that awaits them. The goal is to show by example how quickly and easily everyone can create a website. In addition, the video is very dynamic, which will keep the attention of even the most demanding viewer.


Cox Business

At first glance, what fascinated us about animated advertising from Cox Business is its graphic design. We like the style of execution and the attention to detail. While watching, you feel like you are in an actual bike shop. In addition, in a few seconds you will learn all the essential information about what benefits their services have and how they will help you in your business.

The promo video from is another unique example of how to promote your services wisely. In the video, we see that the combination of live-action video and UI animation works very well together. Also, thanks to the connection with the actual character, the video looks more trustworthy. You feel like you are watching a review rather than a promo video.



Words are sometimes useless and this also applies to a promo video from our production. We managed to capture the atmosphere with a strong story and emotions that captivates you right in the first moments of watching. The promo video is aimed at people with disabilities who, thanks to a virtual incubator, can fulfill their (business) potential.



Although as an animation studio we focus on animated videos, we can also appreciate the live-action ones. After all, you never know where to find the source of inspiration for your thoughts and ideas. Aren’t we right? That’s why we’ve added this Airbnb promotional video to our list. It beautifully shows the point of the brand or more precisely what they focus on – hosting. In the end, you will realize that foreigners are not weirdos, and therefore that you have nothing to fear if you want to rent housing to someone you do not know.


Summarizing thoughts

No matter what you do, every business needs to create compelling content for its target audience. And this also applies to promotional activities. Therefore, do not hesitate and be inspired by the best. You may come up with new ideas that will move your business forward. And if you would like to advise on anything, we will be delighted to answer any of your questions.

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