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TOP 10 Videos That Increase Brand Awareness (2022)

By 13. September 2022No Comments

Are you wishing to increase your brand awareness? We have prepared a list of TOP brand videos, or videos that increase brand awareness. We’ve selected those that are particularly interesting and definitely deserve not only our attention, but also yours. So go ahead and check them out, you might just find a little (or even a lot) of inspiration for your own brand video.


Even though this 2D animation has been around for quite some time now, it’s definitely worth a look. We particularly like the way the authors have presented the benefits of the club, as well as their use of vibrant colours, which grabbed our attention at first glance and have a really positive effect on the overall impression. In addition, the video features the stories of several female characters which the target audience can identify with very quickly and thus find an answer to their personal situation.

How we move

We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate on the creation of this colourful 2D animation and to participate in the promotion of the campaign, which is part of a TV show helping young people. The aim of the whole show, and therefore the campaign video, is for everyone to find something to help them move on when their minds are too full – when they’re feeling low. Even though it’s a heavy topic, we tried to keep it light. Personally, we think we’ve succeeded.


In our opinion, the brand video for the dating app OkCupid turned out great. The animators managed to capture the right insight, cleverly showing what the app is all about and how their algorithm works. The chosen colours relate perfectly to the theme of dating, and thus fit in with the overall concept. We also like the abstract illustrations and the colourfulness of the whole video.


A home is where we’re supposed to feel comfortable, right? That’s why it’s occasionally necessary to repair, renovate or redecorate. The B&Q brand opted for a stop-motion animation for its’ ‘Build a Life’ campaign. Stop-motion animation involves creating realistic backdrops and setting them up for individual shots. This lengthy process definitely paid off for them, though. The result is a remarkable animation that succeeds in showing the power of making changes to our homes.


This endearing animation charmed us with its playfulness and the way in which the authors portrayed Heylo’s new coffee machine technology. Thanks to this video, the viewer can take a look inside the coffee machine and see how easy it is to operate, as well as to configure their own settings.

Private Label Portal

With every project we produce, we strive for the best result possible which exceeds even our own expectations. And it was no different when working with Private Label Portal. In this original video, we opted for an abstract graphic style, which we combined with the corporate colours of the brand itself. The whole video is creative and all the elements complement each other perfectly.


People simply don’t just start looking for a product on their own, even if it may be the best product ever. You need to constantly maintain (and increase) product visibility and awareness. Take UserWay as an example. It can make any website barrier-free for all users. The company therefore decided to make this video to demonstrate the magic of their brand.

Coalition For College

Less is sometimes more, is it not? The combination of cubist shapes, bright contrasting colours and simple style makes this animation interesting, and not just for the target audience. It’s a really good demonstration that you don’t always need complex illustrations and scenes to make a good brand video. See for yourself.

Remax Delux

The animation for Remax Delux is also one of our productions. In this video we work with the transfer of meaning. For example, when we talk about strategy, we use a depiction of Napoleon; when we talk about embellishing the advert, we portray the main character as a French artist. Moreover, the whole video is very fast-paced. Thanks to this, we were able to guide the customers through a showcase of all the services in an engaging way.


Finally, the last animated video you should definitely check out is this one from Element451. We like the unusual way the creators portrayed the main idea through bringing together universities and students. By comparing the application system to the science of astronomy, they perfectly captured a problem that many applicants and schools struggle with. Indeed, grasping the problem and correctly depicting its solution is crucial for any brand.


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