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Top 8+ explainer videos (2022)

By 31. March 2022No Comments

Did you know that explainer videos are the most used type of videos (74%) in the online environment? Or that more than 96% of users watch them to learn something new about the products? Therefore, we thoroughly searched the Internet and prepared an overview of the most eye-catching ones from our production and also all over the world.

Why are explainer videos so in demand? Because they are the perfect tool for building awareness of the brand and its individual products. Thanks to them, you can improve relationships with the target audience and explain everything to them easily and creatively.

Doctors in Italy

This animation captivated us with its clean style and genuine workmanship. The story has a clear storyline; it simply shows a solution to a possible problem. It explains what to do if we happen to be in an unfavorable health situation in a country whose language we do not know. In this case, we are talking about Italy. The authors have chosen several elements which greatly emphasize this particular country such as the national color, the musical background typical of this area or the displayed map of Italy.


We can follow the same principle in another video – Doctors&Friends. The video focuses on the same problem, but in a different country – France.



The following is an example of a great working video explainer. Although it is longer, it has a little over 2 minutes, it is not annoying due to its dynamics. We were riveted by it from the first second to the last. It is also excellent how the individual user scenarios are presented and also that we see the work with the real environment. The video thus clearly shows how the software can solve the situation of each specific group. Users also get an overview of how they their work will look like using the software.


Private Label Portal

Now we would like to introduce you to a video that comes from our “workshop” created for the Private Label Portal. In the project, it was important to present two target groups at the outset – manufacturers and retailers. Subsequently, in a short sequence, present their challenges and show a win-win solution to the situation in which they find themselves. We bet on abstract style, soft business music, sophisticated design and color, which is a pleasant refreshment of B2B communication as it is usually more serious.



What we acknowledge most in this live-action video is how Springwell was able to communicate with a dose of humor a product such as a water filtration system. We must admit that they really succeeded. The use of the family in its normal day, the chosen tone of communication, the style of showing the benefits of the product, … it all works together and creates a great impression.



This animation explains to us that everyone can manage a business site on social networks and does not have to be in a tight spot. Although the video saw the light of day a few years ago, it deserves a place on our blog. We especially enjoy its playfulness and kind tone. It also fits the target group perfectly with its cheerfulness and the fact that it is a bit nutty.



Expensya is the second animation from our portfolio that we would like to boast about. In this project, we bet on an isometric style that makes it exceptional. Thanks to it, it looks timeless and even such a topic as business cost management suddenly looks appealing. In addition, we used bright colors that have a positive effect on the viewer’s eye and are associated with positive emotions.



Another live-action video that we believe is worth watching is this from Grammarly. The company is known for its extensive humorous video production. And they successfully made it again. Through various situations, we see how easily we can work towards effective writing. There are also real demonstrations showing the principle of operation of this platform. Viewers thus see exactly how the platform will help them in writing various texts.



The explainer video by Hask perfectly shows how a character can be portrayed in a single story and through a geometric shape. In this case, we are talking about a little ball that represents this character in a tangle of its daily habits and duties. The authors also managed to handle the visual environment very nicely. With abstract elements and style, the video radiates playfulness and overall looks likeable.



As you can see in the examples above, there are many ways to grasp explainer videos. It is crucial to keep them clear and not be afraid to think outside the box. We believe that you find the chosen demonstrations appealing and that they will motivate you to create your own captivating video.

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