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Why do you need an explainer video for your business?

By 23. June 2021July 20th, 2021No Comments

Back in prehistoric times, our ancestors communicated with the help of pictures, and although many people do not realize it, nowadays we communicate through pictures as well. Whether it is a photo or motion picture, the best sense to occupy are the eyes.

Solution in seconds!

With all the technology around us, attracting and captivating audiences is getting harder and harder. No one wants to spend too much time reading complex texts or looking for the necessary information in books.


People need a medium that provides a solution or an explanation in a matter of seconds, ideally with reviews or ratings from other users who have tried the product or service. Thanks to the hustle and bustle of life, explainer videos came to light. Just a few seconds of watching and the problem is solved.


Win-win strategy

Some would argue that this is not the case, but the human span of attention is gradually shortening, so short animated videos are an ideal way to catch attention towards your company. Explainer videos are therefore a win-win situation, as on one hand they answer the public’s questions and solve the problem and on the other hand they bring you brand awareness and guide future customers straight to you.

Look at the explainer video made for Crypto Captain. 

People want explainer videos

As we mentioned before, explainer videos are gaining in popularity every year and by 2020 they were one of the biggest trends in marketing. This is partly due to the global pandemic and the dismantling of people from the world, which has forced us to search for most things on the Internet. The phrase “how to…” has become more desirable and for example, the phrase “how to cut men’s hair” is in top spot of Google searches in the USA. 1 As for other areas of life, the explainer videos have ruled not only the world of beauty and fashion but also home repairs of electronics, cooking or helping people in need.

A few tips to conclude

To go back to why explainer videos are so popular and can help your business, the conclusion is simple. The images and videos are the easiest to remember, and the simpler you provide the information – the more likely will people remember it!

In order to make your brand more memorable in the explainer video, we recommend that you create a small companion or some brand hero that will accompany the viewers through your video. This companion will represent your company in the eyes of the public and thanks to it, people will remember your values, your identity and what is important to you as a brand. Since the face of the brand will be animated, there is no need to look for the right person to embody your brand and values!


Finally, it is important to mention that the explainer video is easier and faster to produce than a short feature film. If you opt for the animated explainer video your budget will be definitely satisfied as well!




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