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Lottie animations for your website and application

By 2. November 2021November 3rd, 2021No Comments

Lottie animations are a novelty that is growing in popularity worldwide, as they are the perfect tool for using animations on websites and in applications. You no longer have to worry about the slow speed of your site or application, as Lottie animations are high-quality and low-volume files that can be used on all online platforms.

What are Lottie animations?

Lottie animations are vector animations based on small data size. This means that with Lottie animations you get the ideal solution for using animations on websites, mobile devices or in applications (they are suitable for Android, iOS, React Native Apps and Windows). This revolutionary solution was developed by Airbnb’s design department, which creates animations in After Effects as JSON files.


Benefits of Lottie animations

Customized file size – no speed lagging, high quality – no degradation, interactive content – no boring long texts. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?


SEO is often hampered when you put animation on a web page or in an app. It loads more slowly, resulting in a search engine penalty, so your site may move to a lower position. In the past, the GIF format was mainly used for simpler animations. However, this format has several disadvantages – with more complicated graphics, the colours and graininess change, and to achieve the appropriate size, you often need to set the resolution and frame rate to minimum values. Despite these trade-offs, the size difference between the same animation in GIF format and Lottie can be as much as 30 times. Lottie animations thus meet all the main points for their use:

  • they are small in size,
  • you work with vectors, so you can enlarge them as you wish,
  • you can work with full frame rate, thus animations are as smooth as they can be,
  • they support responsive design.

Admittedly, even Lottie animations have their limitations, as they don’t support all the effects that After Effects offers. However, a smart animator will always find a way to minimize these limitations.


Marketing purposes

We already know that the explainer and promo videos increase the conversion rate and improve the brand of the company. Lottie animations have a very similar effect. If you visit a website or use an app with interesting animations and you happen to come across a competing product without them, you’re just missing something. Movement on the monitor or screen automatically attracts attention and increases customer interest. It makes them much more likely to pay attention to the information associated with the short animation.

So in addition to SEO optimization, which is important for your marketing, you also gain a huge advantage over the competition through an interactively designed website, application or both.


High quality is another advantage of Lottie animations. These animations are displayed correctly and in full quality. There is no degradation, regardless of whether the user sees them on a computer or mobile device. The quality is always great.

Why use Lottie animation?

Let’s recap the reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate any longer and use Lottie animations for your website or application. These animations combine high quality, small file size, and interactive content. They will make your website or application more interesting, which will help you maximize conversion and user satisfaction. Are you interested? Do not hesitate to contact our animation studio and we will surely come up with something together.

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