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5 Reasons to Bet on Isometric Animated Video

By 8. September 2021No Comments

Neither 2D video nor 3D video—but the isometric video, a.k.a. 2.5D video! The isometric style of video is a representation of a three-dimensional object in two dimensions. Simply put, isometric video is an illustrated 2D video that—with its unique graphic design—captures the elements of 3D animations.

This style thus offers a number of advantages of 3D animations at a much lower price. Find out in our article whether an isometric style is the right one for you.

Present Complicated Processes and Facilities in Plain Terms

Isometric videos are ideal if you want to explain a complicated process, or if you use different mechanisms and facilities. Thanks to professional illustration, animations, and scenarios suggested, you can turn even the most complex information to be easy to understand, creative, and, what is most important, attractive.

This method is popular in areas such as architecture or technical engineering. The visualization of individual types of machines, objects, processes, or space suddenly becomes plain and clear.

Clean Lines Look Sexy for the Viewer

Simple lines, clarity, and easy visualization. Thanks to the graphic design and added depth, isometric videos very easily show complicated procedures in a form that is attractive for the viewer. You work with a flat design, but you add another dimension, which makes your video more appealing.

In addition, the isometric style is great in that it allows you to show more detail without it all seeming like chaos or something crowded and messy. If you need to point to more elements and details, the isometric video style should be your first pick.

Advanced Technologies

Nowadays, we are constantly encountering new technologies, which customers see as something new and complex. Imagine coming up with new software, solution, application, but only a few customers understand its complex processes and connections. With isometry, you can easily show the flow of information, and you can simply show the sequence, explain the individual steps, and present the goal.

Buildings, Interiors, Spaces

It is better to work with more than two dimensions to better show the space. Creating 3D video is complex, more complicated, and therefore it has higher costs. Isometric animated video is the ideal choice for a detailed and clear view of buildings, the whole city, park, water area, interior, and many more. You can also work nicely with details such as people, benches, chairs, billboards, furniture, trees, vehicles, etc.

Isometric Video for Your Ad

Although isometric videos are rather used to illustrate complicated processes and procedures, they also have great marketing potential. The creativity is limitless after all.

The abstract, more stylish, and marketing design of isometric videos is still a novelty on the market and is looking for its place. It is such a great opportunity to come up with something new, something your competitors have no idea about.


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